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Кто вы, мистер S [сообщение #3631] Пт, 26 Июль 2013 00:26
nurmi в настоящее время не в онлайне  nurmi
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Вот некоторые забавные детали о продолжающейся истории:


Who is he, a high-minded robber or just a pawn?
Judge by yourself..

1. He has epilepsy and has given its treatment as a reason to his superiors in Hawayii before running to Hong Kong. What is interesting, epilepsy is a perfectly legal reason for govs to refuse employment , especially in military or security agencies. And he got the job at NSA or its contractors 3 or 4 times ... oh, really?

2. Well, maybe he is such an indispensable specialist? Hell no !
The only certificate he has is Microsoft Solution Provider. No college degree whatsoever. And he was appointed Sr. Data Analyst by BAH ... oh, really?

3. Now, govs want him so bad that they send a demand to Hong Kong to detain him but ... they mixed-up his name and did not know his passport number. So SD, DOJ, NSA did not have necessary information ... oh, really?

4. Govs revoked his passport when he flew from HK to Moscow effectively stopping Russians from pushing the "envelope" further. And I promise you that getting him from Equador would be much easier ... oh, really?

And the list goes on and on ..

I simply say Snowden is of no interest to US and never was. The reasons for all this commotion are buried in a totally different place. Yes, really !


Приятно знать, что не только наши бюрократы идиоты Smile

... /\/\/ Е. Нурминский /\/\/...
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